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Map and Directions

                        From Kentucky,West of Huntington(Via I-64):
                          1. Go I-64 East to the Hal Greer Exit.
                          2. Turn Left at bottom of exit,follow Hal Greer Blvd
                             to the Junction of Rt 60.(Fifth Ave)
                          3. Turn right and proceed on Rt 60 till you reach 26th St.
                             Veterans Memorial Field House is on the left.

                         From Ohio (via Rt 52)
                           1. Follow signs for Rt 52 cross Ohio River Bridge
                              and exit to your right via Rt 60 exit.
                           2. Follow signs for Rt 60 East.
                           3. Follow Rt 60 for approximiately 4 Miles till
                              you reach 26th St. 
                              Fieldhouse is on the left. 
                         From Ohio (via Rt 7)
                            1. Follow Rt 7 South untill the junction
                               of Rt 52.
                            2. Take exit for Rt 60 & I-64.
                            3. Follow previous directions for Rt 52.
                         From East of Huntington

                            1. Follow I-64 West to the 29th St exit.
                            2. Take exit and bear right following signs
                               for Rt 60 West.
                            3. Follow Rt 60 W for approxiametly 2 miles.
                               Rt 60 will turn into one-way traffic heading West.
                            4. At 26th St,Turn left and follow 26th St for 2 blocks.
                               FieldHouse is on your right at Junction of 5th Ave.                 

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